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There was a time when people used to think themselves to be small at the job of others and all used to do their own work and their own business, everybody used to do their farming and business. But the need for people with time also increased and then people started to need more money, for which people left their hometown and started going to the city, and then again people came to the city to do jobs or business. started Friends, it is very difficult to find Government Job in today's time or because of the low vacancy in these departments people go towards Private Job, so having such a high competition now is getting difficult to get Job in Private Job. So friends are the biggest Problems with us that we do not get fast Job before and if we get it then we can not get Adjust with that Job. Only after giving Hundred Percentage in Q's Private Job, our Job Can last up to a long time. Sometimes jobs are not available or if you get it, then there are many problems in the job. There is no good job or any problem in the job, it's a matter of luck. But if you have a problem in the job, do not worry, you can consult the consultant of this site.